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Disgusted mum laments as Daycare worker is caught on video breastfeeding her 3 month old son

  A North Carolina mother of a three month old baby, Kaycee Oxendin  is very upset for very good reasons. Oxendin says surveillance video at the day care center at Carrboro Early School, where she works as a Pre-K teacher, caught another worker breastfeeding her 3-month-old son without her permission. Oxendin said that security footage inside showed a woman adjusting ...

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U.S. fighter jet painted bright pink for breast Cancer Awareness

 October has all but been taken over with pink to show support for breast cancer awareness with pink shirts, ribbons, food, and even famous landmarks. Now a retired U.S. fighter jet has received the pink treatment.  IMAGE CREDIT: USS LEXINGTON MUSEUM ON THE BAY  The Cougar is believed to be the first fighter plane to be painted pink. The symbolic ...

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5 Ways you can have a Good Night’s Sleep Despite Stress

 Nowadays a good sleep is a big luxury. We are the society that stays up all night to work, study or have fun. However, going without adequate sleep carries with it both long and short term consequences. It can affect your mood, ability to retain and learn information, and may increase the risk of serious diseases and accidents. Constant stresses ...

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