Man Rapes Donkey Till It Faints (VIDEO) - Chime Lyrics

Man Rapes Donkey Till It Faints (VIDEO)

Man Rapes Donkey Till It Faints (VIDEO)

So this yet to be identified middle aged man was caught having sex with a donkey somewhere in Zimbabwe. While details pertaining to how he got arrested are yet to be ascertained, however, he was recorded while admitting in a police station how he se_xually feasted on the poor Jennet (a name of a female donkey).

Man Rapes Donkey Till It Faints (VIDEO)
What even shocked the police officers who can be heard speaking in the background and asking him questions is the allegation that he ra_ped the donkey till it lost consciousness. He must have been extremely se_x starved hey!

By the way, never mind our featured image, we’re simply protecting the identity of the victim, as required by the se_xual violation laws!

Watch Video Below


See the video of him explaining to the police how he performed the act;

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