Actress Ekezie – “Premarital Se_x Is Important Because No Woman Is Truly Happy Without Good Se_x”

Nollywood actress, Chinazo Ekezie, made the disclosure in her recent interview with Star Tracker. When asked for her take on premarital se_x, she said: “You want my pastor to call me on the phone, right? .

But I will tell you the truth now, growing up, we were always taught that we shouldn’t have se_x, we shouldn’t do anything before marriage, but now that I know better, or now that I’m grown and with the kind of experiences that I’ve had, and that of other people, I think it’s kind of important to have premarital se_x. .

Seriously, because you have your lifetime to spend with this person, so I think it’s important you need to find out what they like, how they like it, if they like it, if they are teachable, because some people will tell you that if you don’t like how your husband makes love to you then you teach him.

A lot of men are not teachable, a lot of men think teaching them how to make love to their wife is a crime. Yes, a lot of men think it’s a crime for a woman to say don’t do it this way, do it that way, aren’t you a woman, why should you have a preference? .

A lot of couples’ sexuality don’t match, no matter how hard you try, and once you marry and you are not having good se_x I don’t think you will be happy. I don’t think any woman would be happy if she’s not having good se_x with her husband, it’s crazy. And if I’m to spend the first 6-7years teaching you how to have se_x with me, I’ll be frustrated.”

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