iPhone 6S: Fans Freak After Smartphone Allegedly Explodes After Charging

 Well, there goes our Christmas present. Fans are freaking out left and right over the iPhone 6S, but it’s not in a positive way. The much-loved smartphone allegedly exploded after charging, forcing the market to go back to the drawing board. Check it out!

Oh, great, now the machines are turning against us. People are already hesitant on the idea of cars that drive themselves, but now it appears we’ve got a bigger technological problem that hits much closer to home. Our beloved iPhones are having some serious problems that could seriously hurt us! Multiple iPhone 6S users claim their devices have been EXPLODING without any sign of warning. They say the phones exploded after being charged, forcing Apple to comment on the dangerous situation. The tech empire addressed that iPhone 6 is experiencing battery issues, and have started a battery replacement program to affected users.

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