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Apple to release new 13-inch, 15-inch MacBooks coming Thursday

 On October 27th, Apple will launch three new MacBooks at the event, a new 13 inch MacBook, a new 13 inch MacBook Pro and a new 15 inch MacBook Pro. Apple’s next product event

Originating from a KGI Securities report surfaced by 9to5Mac on Saturday, the source claims that Apple will unveil three new MacBook models on Oct. 27.

The new models mentioned include a new 13-inch MacBook, a new 13-inch MacBook Pro and a new 15-inch MacBook Pro. Most rumors in recent weeks have focused on Apple’s aging MacBook Pro line, but KGI is well known as a particularly accurate source, which makes this new report especially noteworthy.

The new Retina MacBook Pro, expected to include Touch ID, an OLED function row above the keyboard and new internals, will be debuting in both 13 inch and 15 inch screen sizes.

The new OLED screen will show contextual commands and shortcuts depending on the currently-used app. The new laptops will feature only USB-C ports (backed by Thunderbolt 3) and will not use a MagSafe power connector for charging.

The new MacBook Pro will have “many” major upgrades, but does not go into specifics. It is not guaranteed that all the features will be necessarily available across both the 13 inch and 15 inch sizes.

If Apple follows tradition, the highest-spec options will be reserved for the 15 inch form factor only. New MacBook Pros are long overdue; the currently-sold models use generations-old Broadwell chips.

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